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The Painter Luccini Shurod

The Painter

Luccini Shurod

ISBN : 9780692298084
384 pages
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 About the Book 

The Painter is a story of passion, perseverance, and a beauty that captures, leaving you only with an admiration that will bear witness to love’s greatest obsession. This forbidden love affair illustrates the beautiful embodiment of love and itsMoreThe Painter is a story of passion, perseverance, and a beauty that captures, leaving you only with an admiration that will bear witness to love’s greatest obsession. This forbidden love affair illustrates the beautiful embodiment of love and its wonder, and is the paragon of true love’s wild and sensual vivaciousness. This is a story about holding on to that one love–the story of the painter.EXCERPT | CHAPTER TEN | A LINE DRAWN TO MY LOVEI soon pull my car into the back way of Nadia’s neighborhood. I then drive passed her street, reminiscent of the morning that I laid a single letter with flowers on her doorstep. Into an undisturbed lower valley encircled by large homes that stand lit above a cloudy hill, I make my way into the parkland of gardens. I then park my vehicle under a row of winter trees that have become wet from the temperate mist that cloaks the cold air. I then turn my car off before partially rolling my windows down to enjoy the slight humidity that has begun to blend with the chill of morning. I begin to think about the simple joy that Nadia reminds me of. The comfort that she so easily provides appeals to me in the same way that peace is granted to the recluse who sits under the cool shade of a tree before autumn, admiring the damp clovers that are covered by the shadows of the earth, with only enough sun to survive as beams of light glitter between the cracks of nature’s canopy. I know that I will never retreat into a fully transcendent slumber without the spiritual warmth of a woman’s body to soothe and extract that bitter poison found lingering beneath mine own.As soon as I realize what time it is, I spot Nadia in my rearview mirror pulling around side of me in her navy-colored Volvo. I then turn my head slightly to look out from my driver side window. There, I can see her inside of the driver seat of her car looking for me. I then immediately step outside from my car door as she then pulls her car around to the other side of me. Her wet tires halt against the drenched pavement as I carefully walk around to the other side to see her still seated where she has propped open the door. I see her legs as she peeks out to see me before pulling her emergency brake. Nadia then stands up to greet me, having come dressed in her modishly stunning and sophisticatedly tailored car coat. She then shares with me that smile that belongs to only her. God I love the way her skin pulls against her face as she smiles. Seeing her face for the first time in so long feels like Christmas. The colors of fall are still reminiscent in the warmth of her skin. She smiles at me with a smile that sends my heart beckoning for her love. The phosphorescent glow in her eyes grows brighter within each moment as she looks at me in ways that I’ve never felt or seen before. The lush moire of her ravens hair falls alongside of her face, complementing the definition that is seen beyond her luminous gaze.She now seeks to feel again as beautiful as before. She now seeks to feel those things within her that she can feel no place else. For a moment, her need for my warmth remains contrasted against the brittle branches that hang from the dawn of winter’s turn. Her eyes have become enchanted, as if it were I whom she’d been waiting for her entire life. Seeing her look at me this way causes my soul to leap from its rest and give of what I too have been feeling. Her eyes compare to that still river raising light from the moon that passes through the sky. I am now as indestructible and as fragile as I’ve ever been as she reaches out for me to grab her and hold her tightly. The burning inside of me initiates a pure joy and peace that I haven’t felt in so long. To love and be loved has become the most incredible experience ever granted unto me. She is now my every breath and the very beating of my heart. I hold her close as the tense weave of my muscles break free and give warmth to every part of her. Nadia then begins calling for me to come and be by her side. Her lips are like the wild meadow awaiting the lonely traveler to experience her rich redolence after a heavy rain under a vermilion sky. With no demure of delay she imbues me with a sure kiss. Her succulent lips are to me without question the single most ineffable encounter that I have ever come upon. She is more to me than the beauty of the earth. Her name is Nadia, and it is even her name that causes me to tremble with all that I feel when I am close to her. The propinquity of her lissome figure arched against my body is soup to my once miserable heart, allowing love and blood to again souse the channels hastening through my vascular. My arms hold on to Nadia as if they’ll never let her go. She warms her cold nose against my face before giving her lips to me in that sure way of which I am familiar.“I’ve missed you Nadia,” I say to her.“I’ve missed you too,” she replies. We then kiss again as the lilt amalgamation and assemblage of our imbricating magnetism charges the stimuli within our souls that now merge into a mellifluous bond. I feel heavy to the very sight of her. And Nadia’s desire to please me secures my imprisonment to her gladly, being here where we do belong to one another.I carefully pull her button-down coat around closer to her neck as the afternoon becomes evening. Neither of us can seem to stop smiling at each other. Suddenly I began to feel as though nothing in the world could ever come between us. Here I am standing next to the one woman that I love so deeply. I know that I’ve stumbled upon the true definition of what a woman truly is–and she is to me absolutely a woman in full. She reminds me of my love for her just by knowing that she exists.The trees all stand still to appreciate the view of our awe-inspiring presence as we both hold each other tightly. I try holding back the same tears that have already begun to fall from her blearing gaze. Our two souls now mesh and mend, pursuant of that one word to describe our love’s ravishing clairvoyance. The receptive selvage of her turning aurorae lips is to me the styptic dressing that ends my agonizing anxiousness. Her face and hands are softer than fine chambray. Her keen sensitivity to my every touch is as mine, bringing me in closer as if to lounge with. She leans into me for as long as she can, wanting, wishing, hoping that something will cause her to be free of all that keeps her from her love. Before I can see her go as I know that she must, another kiss is made. I could have held her for as long as there was time. But unfortunately she is part of a world with gates, boundaries, and restraints.When it became time for Nadia to leave, I could see that it was just as difficult for her as it was for me to see her go. She turns back for me once more before I let her slip away from me. Once more a kiss. Nadia then carefully sits down inside of her vehicle and drives away. I stand there as the sun then dips under the earth while waiting for her car to disappear beyond the hill. I stand there trying to recall every moment that she has spent with me, wondering when I’d see her again. I then sit down inside of my vehicle, my heart still longing for her as I prepare myself to leave. Nadia then calls me as I begin leaving the park to return home. She calls me still lolling in the energy of my allure that has swallowed her completely.Not long afterward, I then pull into the front of my driveway and turn off my car. Nadia then converses with me for only a moment before saying goodbye to me again, promising me that she will call me before the night ends. Being grateful to hear the sound of her voice, I know that I will soon hear from her again. The sound of her voice is what fills me with this thing called love that evokes me with passion and zest. And thanks to people like Alexander Bell, our goodbyes only last for a few hours–sometimes less. I keep reminding myself that I have all the time in the world, and that waiting for Nadia is again all that I intend to do.For the first time in my life I am beginning the think about nothing and everything, and all at once. Time is still what will either make or break the link between these two hearts that confide in one another. Knowing that this love of ours still blooms, even in the midst of what she herself fears most, says to me that our love is in fact more than what some will try and say that it is. This passion is what gives us travel into the spirit world–calling these two hearts who continue searching for a way to become one. Purples, blues, and oranges all bleed into that white light that is marked across the morning sky. It calls me to lay away rest underneath that serene bliss that calls my name. And it does not matter where we are. Our hearts call for one another the way Mother Nature leaves a trail for him to find her. And Nadia’s beauty is such that I would be willing to die for her. I would die if it pleased her. And I would die if without. Nothing else matters, as I know now that no other woman will ever be able to take the place of my love.http://www.luccinishurod.com/