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Moonlight Warrior Jessica Coulter Smith

Moonlight Warrior

Jessica Coulter Smith

Kindle Edition
131 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Ashton Grove pack has been on the verge of war for months, and now the time has arrived. The Skulls of Hell are on their way to the small sleepy Georgia town with destruction on their minds. But a new voice in the pack wants to know why.Kendall Wright has lost one battle with the Skulls already and she isnt anxious to face them again, but as Colins mate she knows its her place to fight by his side. But if shes going to forfeit her life for the good of the pack, she wants to know why.Colin has to admit his mate brings up a good point. Why travel such a great distance to wipe out a small pack of werewolves? Theres nothing special about the Ashton Grove pack, or is there? Can the mystery be solved before the war begins?